Wedding Planning Sanity!…

Are you starting to Plan Your Wedding? Congratulations!
Here are our 5 Basic tips when starting the planning process.
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The Money Talk

Budgets aren’t very romantic, I know, but creating a budget will help you stay on track throughout your planning process. There are also some pretty cool budget tools out there you can use.

Save The Date

The second thing you’ll want to do is save your date. Take a look at a calendar and consider the holidays, events, and family/work functions. Some dates will actually help you with your budget, for example, beach locations in off-seasons.

Who Is Attending?

Creating a guest list can be a little stressful, especially if you are keeping it small and not inviting every cousin and childhood friend. It’s important to remember your guest list is a fluid thing; it’s not set in stone. You can add and take away as you see fit. It’s okay, deep breath!

The Perfect Place!

Finding the perfect location is exciting! Finding a venue is like creating the container for your wedding to fit in. There are lots of websites that give you ideas on where to tie the knot, but keep in mind time of year, weather, and travel. But it’s your day; it’s never been easier to recreate the vision of your dreams with all the swanky whimsical pictures on Pinterest.

Can You Help Me?

Not everyone dreams of hiring a wedding planner for their special day, and if you want to go it alone, that is perfectly okay. However, if you already have a hectic life and want someone to bounce ideas off of and have them bring your vision to life, a wedding planner is a way to go. There are a ton of options out there from day-of coordinator to a step-by-step planner; either way, this person will be your go-to guy or gal. They will assist in crisis management and help your special day run smoothly so you can take in all of the love.
Take moments during your wedding day to stop, breathe, and be present. Smell the wedding cake, sip the champagne slowly, feel the embrace of your spouse’s arms around you during your first dance. The power of moments is incredible, and this is your day, your moment, your celebration. Take it in!
Good luck on your beautiful day, you got this!