Micro-Weddings, The New Normal…?

As we watch our couples stress over how to manage their plans amid the coronavirus outbreak, we believe the micro wedding—a celebration planned for 50 guests or less—has stepped into the light and become an incredible option to save the date.
While these small-scale events have been gaining popularity for a couple of years, experts agree that we will likely see a whole lot more of them very soon. We have seen an uptick of them ourselves at Laurel Haven Estate over the past few months and are gearing up for a lot more even into 2021.
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Safety First.

For couples who have planned fall celebrations they are realizing there is a likelihood that some level of gathering restrictions may still be in place later this year. Pivoting to a smaller celebration might make sense so the date can be saved. Or, even if there aren’t enforced gathering limits later this year and into 2021, capping attendee numbers could help couples and guests feel more comfortable proceeding with their event. Our venue is all outdoors but even so, it makes the guests feel safe when numbers are low. The couples with the long guest list of 250 are opting for a intimate ceremony then reserving a spot later in 2021 to host a celebration for everyone to attend. You can still have your wedding. You may have to get creative, but it can still be accomplished on your planned date!

Smaller weddings equals intimacy.

It’s simple math: If you have 150 guests you may be able to say hi to everyone, but when there is 50 guests you can enjoy an experience with each of them. A smaller wedding may also allow you the funds to infuse personalized items into the ceremony and reception. This will create a personal memory for everyone who attends.

Speak of personalized creativity.

With micro weddings, brides and grooms can twist tradition in ways that might be more difficult with larger weddings. Like getting your favorite restaurant to caterer in the food, or getting personalized mini cakes for each table setting or having DIY party favors for everyone to take home with them. It is an opportunity to let your creative juices flow.

Easy cost savings.

Every couple knows that each guest comes with a price tag and more money that needs to be budgeted. With COVID led layoffs and furloughs it may not be feasible to have everyone attend. The micro-wedding cost less than your typical wedding day package and could even have an all-inclusive benefit to take the pressure off planning and obtaining vendors.
Having fewer people on your guest list may allow you to stretch your dollar further true, but fewer people can also mean an extended weekend celebration. Laurel Haven Estate has an overnight accommodation package that allows for overnight rental of the entire venue. Imagine your 12-hour event turning into a two-day experience that no one will soon forget.
If you’ve already started planning a larger wedding and put down deposits, there are also ways to utilize what you’ve already paid for without causing you or your vendor to lose out. Most vendors will work with you during these crazy times. But for example, if you’ve ordered flowers for every table of your reception-don’t freak out. Utilize those same flowers in other areas of your ceremony. You could even send the arrangements home with guests as a parting gift.


A big traditional wedding will always have its appeal and might be the only option for some couples. But we sense a shift in the wedding industry. More and more, couples are seeing the benefits of downsizing in favor of quality over quantity.
A micro wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing your wedding vision, it enhances it. They can be lavish, casual, country, or chic it’s completely up to you!