Vendor Information

Art & Craft Fair Hours

Saturday, November 20, 2021: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

This is an all-weather event. Vendors must stay with their booth during these times.

Booth Fee

10’ x 10’ booth: $50.00
Online payment are accepted. Further instruction will be included with invoice.

 Booth Space

Booth space measures 10’ wide by 10’ deep with 5’ spacer on each side. The space assigned at vendor check-in is the only space allotted to you. Laurel Haven Estate reserves the right to change vendor locations without notice in accordance with changes that are made to the grounds.

Displays must be contained within your space. Booth spaces may be located on asphalt, gravel or grass. Please be aware that ground may be uneven.


Booth acceptance is based on, but not limited to the following: previous history with us, our desire to offer an assortment of booths and completion of all required documentation. Laurel Haven Estate reserves the right to deny an applicant for any reason. Laurel Haven Estate reserves the right to cancel any contract upon receipt of notice from any fair, festival or other event that the exhibitor has been suspended, expelled from or otherwise penalized for violation of contract terms or rules of venue. Returning vendors are given a priority but are not guaranteed a spot or the same location as previous years if accepted. Must have a physical U.S.
address to apply.

Any items that are deemed inappropriate will not be accepted including knives, weapons, drug paraphernalia, etc.

Once your application is submitted, please allow 3-8 business days to receive your acceptance/declining email. Email will be the primary mode of communication. If your email address changes, it is your responsibility to notify us. Special requests (such as booth placement) are not guaranteed, but are considered in accordance with the date the application was received.


Vendors may load-in Saturday 7:00AM-10:00AM. Vendors must have their booth completely set up by Saturday at 10:00AM. You will be able to drive as close as possible to your booth prior to 10:00AM if weather permits. Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed on the driveway after 10:00AM on Saturday.

Check-in information will be emailed to accepted vendors prior to the event. When you arrive at check-in, a festival representative will direct you to your booth space. Volunteers will be available to assist vendors during load-in. It is recommended that vendors bring hand-operated carts or dollies to assist in load-in and load-out of merchandise and equipment. Once your booth is set up, it can remain up for the remainder of the event.


Laurel Haven Estate will NOT provide any equipment to you including tent, tables, service counters, chairs, storage units and/or any other equipment for the sale of your products. Vendors must provide their own tents, lights, tables and displays. Tents can be of any color, although white is preferred.

Booths MUST be anchored to the ground by weights at all times. In the event of high winds or inclement weather, booth owners are responsible and liable for the security and safety of their structures, as well as anything contained within. Vendors should be prepared for inclement weather with rain covers, tie-downs and weights.

All equipment, supplies and overstock must be stowed and hidden within the space provided. No unsightly materials or equipment should be visible to the crowd.


Vendors who submit a written cancellation request through email by October 31, 2021, may receive a full-refund. No refunds will be allowed after that date.

Sales & Sales Tax

We do not guarantee sales at your booth. Hawking and making sales outside of your approved booth space is not permitted under any circumstance. Sales are not reported to Laurel Haven Estate.

Wi-Fi and cellular service is limited at the venue. Vendors cannot rely on internet connection for sales. There is not an ATM on site.

Vendors are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying their own local state sales tax on all items sold at the festival.


Vendors may not load-out before 5:00PM Saturday. It is recommended that vendors bring hand-operated carts or dollies to assist in load-out of merchandise and equipment. Load-Out must be completed by 7:00PM on Saturday. No items can be stored until a later date.


Laurel Haven Estate provides general grounds security throughout the entire weekend of the event but is not responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of property belonging to a vendor, his agent, employees, business invitees, visitors or guests.


No electricity will be provided by Laurel Haven Estate. Quiet generators are acceptable.


Demonstrations of work in progress are welcome at our event.

Trash & Garbage

Vendors are responsible for leaving booth spaces and area clean. All trash from your operation must be removed and/or placed in proper receptacles when you load out. Any vendor leaving garbage will be billed for its removal.


We encourage accepted vendors to advertise their participation in our event. Vendors are not allowed to promote their participation on social media or any other platform prior to acceptance.

 Additional Notes

Unauthorized motorized vehicles and campers/trailers are not allowed on the grounds.

Please Read

Vendor Guidelines During Covid-19

We are following all SC COVID-19 Guidelines. We want to ensure that our Holiday Craft Fair is as safe as possible during COVID19 so please follow all guidelines listed below:
Vendors should have hand sanitizer available at their station. Be sure to
sanitize and/or change gloves between customers when necessary. Since this is an outdoor
market, masks are not required but strongly recommended.
Stay home if you’re sick and avoid close contact with people who are sick. If you or one of your
employees test positive for COVID-19 after selling at the Holiday Craft Fair, please notify Events
Coordinator, Denise Jones by emailing
Please send as few as possible number of employees to work the vendor tent.
Do not touch any products in any other tent than your own to reduce points of contacts for the
safety of everyone at the market. Please ask customers to point to the item they want and allow
you, the Vendor, to package it for them. If someone wants to smell something, please hold it for
them to reduce touch points.
No samples of any kind are allowed during COVID-19.
Practice social distancing – at least six feet, even when wearing a mask as you are walking
through the market. Please ask customers to do the same while at your tent.
Please help customers purchase and depart the market as quickly as possible. We want to keep
the gathering as small as possible at any one point in time while serving the maximum amount
of people possible while the market is open.