So, what exactly is a bohemian wedding?

Who is a Bohemian? Webster’s dictionary describes this person (such as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others. In this context, Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds. Do you hear your inner gypsy calling out? Throw on your flower crown and let’s talk about what she wants.

The bohemian wedding trend isn’t going anywhere. If you’re thinking about incorporating a few top trends into your Charlotte Boho Chic wedding design but not sure how it’ll play out, take a little inspiration from nature.

Create & Style A Charlotte Bohemian Wedding:  Wedding Advice

1. Go with a nature inspired color palate

Try incorporating neutrals and muted colors into your wedding decor. Think wheat grass, apricot, and rust colors. Based on your venue, you could incorporate dessert colors to a western wedding or muted pastels to a countryside wedding.


2. Wedding Dress

What says romantic and whimsical more than a flowing lace dress? Opt for the unconventional in the form of delicate laces, gossamer meshes, and floral motifs for an overall organic feel that is effortless and inspired—be it for your upcoming woodland, beach, or countryside celebration.


3. Use Natural and Classical Elements

This is an opportunity to really showcase your wedding colors and textures.

Whether it be macrame hangings or organic linen invitations…nature can be everywhere. Try

using feathers, branches, or dried grasses, you can add those to your floral arrangements to make everything blend together.

So how exactly does this translate into weddings? A boho wedding is an unconventional affair with a relaxed and carefree attitude. Quirky and creative styling brings your personal style to the forefront for everyone to enjoy.

A Boho Chic wedding is about nature and being natural. The Charlotte boho chic wedding style can range from a casual backyard to romantic countryside ceremony and includes quirky carnival, whimsical woodland and free-spirited festival.