An outdoor wedding venue is ideal for intimate weddings. There is no better time to have an outdoor wedding than during the summer or spring when the beauty of nature comes alive again, although a fall outdoor wedding can also be enjoyable. Couples are searching everywhere for a Charlotte outdoor wedding venue. Laurel Haven Estate is Charlotte’s premier outdoor wedding venue.

Depending on the different types of outdoor wedding venues, having a wedding outside is very affordable. If you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding and would like to have a stately wedding in the summer or spring without spending a fortune, an outdoor wedding is highly recommended.

A major unforeseen circumstance that might be a hindrance on your occasion is the sudden change in weather. There is no way to predict if the weather will hold up on your wedding day. The best way to deal with a bad situation is to be prepared. There should always be some kind of backup plan when dealing with outdoor wedding venue. You can choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor facilities. You can have your ceremony outdoors and then move the reception under the tent. If the weather does not permit a perfect outdoor ceremony, there will be an arrangement for everything to be under the tent.

There are many other things to consider. If the reception is outside, are the caterers prepared? Would it be convenient for the band to play? Can you create a makeshift bar outside or do you have to find another way to serve drinks? After choosing a place, ensure you ask about their policies on trash removal, photography, decorations and much more.

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. For both the groom and the bride this is the biggest occasion in life and worth narrating to your grandchildren. You don’t want to leave anything behind during your wedding ceremony. Nowadays, outdoor weddings have become very popular. If you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding selecting a good venue is a must to have that perfect marriage.

The Followings are some Secrets That You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing the perfect Charlotte Outdoor Wedding venue:

1. Consider the time of year and the weather while choosing your wedding venue. Most of the weddings take place during the summer.

2. The location of the outdoor wedding venue is one of the major considerations. Ensure the venue is easy for your guests to find. If it’s off the road, these should be an adequate signage for guests to easily locate the venue.

3. While selecting a venue for outdoor wedding, you must have an idea what your headcount will be during the occasion. A garden is perfect for intimate, family weddings. If you have a large number of guests that will take part in your wedding, then you need to find outdoor wedding venue that can accommodate them.

4. You’ll have a theme in your mind for your wedding. While selecting a venue, ensure the venue falls in line with your plan. If your theme is something to do with water, a fountain or a lake is a must at the wedding venue.

5. Wedding and flowers are inseparable unless you want a non-flowery wedding ceremony. Ensure the venue owners provide you a skilled and experienced florist to add that heavenly feeling to your wedding. You can also ask your own florist to accompany you while choosing the venues.

6. Guests arrive a few hours before the ceremony begins. While choosing outdoor wedding venue, ensure there is ample shade in the location as there is nothing worse than your guests sweltering in the heat while waiting for the ceremony to begin. There should also be grass and trees at the wedding venue.

7. Though you have chosen the best among the venues, it’s always good to have a backup plan for the outdoor wedding. Choosing a location that has both indoor and outdoor facilities will let you carry on with ceremony even if the weather is not good.


Keeping these in mind will make this day worth remembering your entire life. Weddings are solemnized in perfect locations so be choosy as you’ll not be blessed with such a joyous day in your life again.

Are you looking for a perfect outdoor wedding venue? If yes, look no further than Laurel Haven Estate. We have private country estate and picturesque natural scenery that will make your day a superb and fun-filled one.

No matter what the weather on your perfect day, we can accommodate your dream wedding. We have various locations inside and outside for every thing you imagined. Each location will give you views of the beautiful gardens, pool and lake.

You and your guest are nestled within the 40-acre estate with privacy and without any restrictions. Do not hesitate to contact us today; we have more interest to discuss about outdoor wedding venue. Laurel Haven Estate will provide an ideal location for your wedding that you’ll always remember for many years to come.