Perhaps you’ve heard of pop-up shops and pop-up restaurants, but what about pop-up weddings? It’s a trend that’s growing in popularity, particularly in the United State. However, as with many new crazes in vogue, it’s not always right for everyone. First, you need to know what a pop-up wedding is. Once you have the facts, look at your relationship, your priorities, and your schedules to decide if a pop-up wedding is right for you.


What is a Charlotte pop-up wedding?

A step above a standard elopement or courthouse wedding, pop-up weddings are almost completely organized by Laurel Haven Estate. We will provide the venue, photographer, bouquet, and officiant. While the guest list can be as small as a witness and as large as 50, the average pop-up wedding has under 10 attendees – only the closest of friends and family. The nuptials consist of a quick ceremony followed by an equally swift photo shoot; no reception is provided. Newlyweds often choose to celebrate with a nice dinner or casual party, but that is up to the couple and can certainly be organized by Laurel Haven Estate.


When a Charlotte pop-up wedding is right for you:

1. You’d rather have a lavish honeymoon and keep the ceremony intimate.

2. You’re flexible and like to go with the flow; you’ve never been big on planning.

3. You want to get married right away and don’t think you can handle a long engagement.

4. You’re very busy and don’t have time to plan a wedding and are ok with the venue making the decisions.

5. You find yourself overwhelmed by the potential guest list if you adhere to everyone’s wishes.

6. You daydream about simply going down to city hall, but you know in your heart that you still want dreamy wedding photos like those you see on Instagram or Pinterest.


Laurel Haven Estate is offering an alternative to the overly-planned, stressful, and expensive standard wedding. We are offering our venue, celebrant, and a wedding photographer at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. Laurel Haven Estate will take care of the details to ensure you have a relaxing, enjoyable, and economical wedding day!

We take priding on delivering memorable marriage ceremonies against breathtaking backdrops, ensuring young newlyweds begin their life-long journey in style.

Whether you’re having a small or large celebration, find countless ideas for any element of your big day in our photo gallery.