5 Wedding Planning Secrets!…

It’s not a secret that Charlotte, NC wedding planners know a lot about the wedding planning process. Everything from; budget setting to décor, they have the experience to assist you in all the important decisions.
Even if you don’t feel your budget can fit a full-service planner don’t stress. Many Charlotte wedding planners will take a hybrid approach on your specific needs.
We want to share with you some secrets we’ve learned over the years that may help you keep the planning process on track.
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1. Work On Your Budget

We’ve met with many couples ready to pull the trigger on a venue, but have no set budget in place. By not having the budget first you have no idea if the venue is out of your price range. We see many frustrated couples make this mistake, they fall in love with the venue later to find out they cannot afford it. Consider the money you want to allocate for your celebration before doing your first tour.

2. Believe in Your Instincts

Don’t settle on things you do not feel comfortable with. Whether it’s a vendor or a planner you want to surround yourself with people who believe in your vision and want to help you execute it.

3. Make it Personal to You

The wedding should represent the couple, not the people attending. We see a lot of couples try to plan their wedding around what they believe their family and friends want. You cannot please everyone, if you love an outdoor experience, do not poll your entire family to see if their okay with being outside. Remember, it’s your day.

4. Tell Your Story

Adding little touches that tells the story of your relationship makes your ceremony super special and unique. For example, if you got engaged in a apple orchard, add elements of that moment throughout your ceremony and reception.

5. Honor the Process

You have time. Remember, you do not have to make every decision in one day. Yes, details are important but there is a process in every step. Work on a monthly to do list, from when to nail down the venue, caterer and even when to say yes to the dress. We see many couples coming out of the gate stressing on details that can wait until closer to their wedding date.
Enjoy the planning journey. It’s not a race with a fancy finish line. Every step is a milestone. Cherish it, take moments to soak it in. Everything will work out perfectly in an imperfect way. The destination is hopefully a life of happily ever after.