A wedding is usually a big deal, and a day everyone wants guests to remember maybe not forever, but a really long time. Planning a wedding however can be really stressful and filled with so much uncertainty such as the type of dress to wear, the number of guests, size of the cake, food menu and of course the location.

Getting a good location for your wedding has to be one of the most important aspects of preparation. It plays a part in determining how many guests you can afford to fit in as well as how great the environment would look to guests and in pictures. Now everyone loves a great wedding picture.


Guests coming from all over the country would definitely need a place to stay after the night ceremony, and your choice of venue should be able to offer that to them and more.

If you’re looking for a great wedding venue in South Carolina, you have nothing to worry about as Laurel Haven Estate has got you covered. And these are ways to make your wedding ceremony a night to remember with Laurel Haven Estate.


1. It has 40 acres of land

If you’re looking for a perfect space area for your wedding, you can look no further. Not only is there plenty of space to contain a large number of guests, but it is also a stunning natural beauty. Your guests would have no time to be bored as they can admire the beautiful and innovative landscaping designs when eating or having light conversations and everyone would love to take pictures as well as talk about it for months to come.


Due to how beautiful the landscaping is, this South Carolina wedding venue, there are no restrictions on Photography as well as video recording around the open property.

The venue also sets a romantic and elegant tone which blends beautifully well with utmost tranquility, giving you and your guests a night to remember.


2. They offer impeccable service

No one wants a wedding ceremony with shabby and unreliable service. This could not only ruin your big day, but you might cringe whenever you think of it.

Here at Laurel Haven Estate, there are rain backups for your outdoor even, so you do not have to worry about everything being soaked in water and destroyed. There is also a standby generator In case of power outage and indoor space to move people from outside to inside.


3. Your guest has a place to stay

Nothing sucks more than having your guests leave early just because they need to get home on time due to the fact they come from a far place. Here at Laurel Haven Estate, we offer rooms with great comfort and services to suit your guests just fine.


When you rent this South Carolina wedding venue for the night, you get enough housing to accommodate up to 24 guests.


You also do not have to worry about parking as there are enough spots for your guests to park their cars and your guests do not need to be too concerned about the cost to park. And if any other event is taking place, due to the large area of land, you might not even get to notice, and your guests have no worries about any difficulties that could jeopardize their parking spots.


It is one of the best wedding venues in South Carolina, and you can never go wrong with them. So why not contact Laurel Haven Estate to talk to the best wedding venue today?