At our South Carolina wedding venue , the bridal suite is one of our most-loved amenities. We hear from brides time and time again that the bridal suite was an unexpected benefit on their big day… even more than they anticipated it would be. Our couples fall in love with this designated area just for the bride, and photographers tend to love it too. What’s so special about this favorite venue feature?

Take a look at the benefits of having a bridal suite at your South Carolina wedding venue:

1. Step away from the chaos: Trust us, you’ll want a private space where you can step away from the setup scene. Forget all the logistical details coming together—leave that to your trusted vendors. Instead of fretting about wedding coordination, use your bridal suite as a private retreat to prepare your heart for the big day.


2.Get ready at a convenient location: Part of choosing this South Carolina wedding venue is choosing a location that is somewhat of a getaway. There may not be many hotels nearby for getting ready with your bridesmaids. A bridal suite offers the opportunity to get ready on-site, ensuring you won’t muss any hair or makeup during transportation. Plus, your cosmetics will be handily located throughout the night, should you need any quick touch-ups.


3. Intimate time with your bridesmaids: Time with your favorite girls is such an integral part of the big day! Relax and enjoy laughter and champagne with the ladies who have stood by your side throughout the planning process. Our brides often find that this intimate time with their ‘maids becomes a truly treasured memory from the wedding day.


4. Stunning getting ready photos: We may be biased, but we just think there is something so special about getting ready photos at our Texas barn venue! Our whitewashed walls and ample natural light have provided a picture-perfect backdrop to countless photo shoots. We have to think it’s one of the best scenes for capturing beautiful images. Your photographer is going to love your bridal suite almost as much as you do!


5. A perfect place to capture the details: Speaking of getting ready photos, the bridal suite is also the perfect setting for all the pretty little details. Have your photographer capture earrings, bridal perfume, or invitation suites in this room. It will be a private place for the photographer to style a few photos, away from the setup chaos.

6. No unexpected sighting of the groom: Planning a first look? Or saving it for your grand entrance? A bridal suite helps protect the soon-to-be newlyweds from any unexpected sightings before they’re ready. A private place for the bride and groom respectively is an easy way to keep out of sight until it’s time for the big reveal.


7. A moment of privacy: Your wedding day can be emotionally overwhelming. We offer the bridal suite as a private area for you to step away at any point during the night. You may want a private moment to collect yourself or soak it all in. The bridal suite is ideal for just that.


8. Quick-change area: Many brides prefer to change out of their wedding dress before send-off. Perhaps you’d like something a bit more comfortable (but still elegant) for your drive to the wedding night hotel, or (like many of our brides) want to change into a second dress for the reception after the ceremony. Even if you are just looking for an area where you can bustle your dress, the bridal suite is an ideal area to get away from the guests and take care of any attire that needs attention.


9. Safe storage: The bridal suite also doubles as safe storage for you and your ‘maids during the ceremony and reception. We are committed to a secure venue at all times, but this will keep your cosmetics and clothes safely tucked away and out of sight.


10. Safe haven: Most of all, the bridal suite is meant for you. It is your safe haven, for whatever you need throughout the day. We hope you’ll make use of the space and make it your own personal haven on your most special day.


These are just 10 benefits of a bridal suite, but we have a feeling you’ll find even more. Let us know what we can do to make the bridal suite a personal haven on your big day. And be sure your South Carolina wedding venue has a private suite reserved just for you!